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Books and TV

* CDNow : A very large on-line music store.
* Edward's WWW-pages : A web page with pictures of a ray-traced LEGO(tm) town.
* Gyugyi Cybernetics : A LEGO raytracing web page with a library of LEGO pieces.
* A Prairie Home Companion : The web page for an excellent radio show from Minnesota.
* Boulder News : Highlights, information, and TV Guides from the Daily Camera Newspaper of Boulder, Colorado, USA
* Meals For You : Recipe site, for making food. :)
* Digital Whispers : Some interesting digital artwork.

Babylon 5

* Babylon 5 Soundtrack, Vol 2 : "Message from Earth" CD
* Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 : End all reference for Babylon 5. Alternate URL: http://econ-www.newcastle.edu.au/babylon5/
* The John and Delenn Site : Information / Analysis of the relationship of John and Delenn of Babylon 5
* The Star Trek Archive : An extensive archive of data and links to Star Trek information.

Book Resources

* National Academy Press : Web site for these publishers of science, engineering, medical and other reference books.
* The On-line Books Page : A rather complete list of all the on-line books on the Internet.
* Amazon.com : The largest bookstore in the world!
* BIBLIOMANIA: The Network Library : A library of reference, fiction, poetry, and non-fiction books.
* Que's Digital Bookshelf : HTML versions of many of Que's computer books.
* Amazon.com - "Alien Voices" Search Results : A listing of audio books of classic science fiction done by many many well known TV and movie actors including Leonard Nimoy.
* Project Gutenberg Index : The offical web page for Project Gutenberg, creating electronic texts of public domain literature.
* Donald Simanek's Page: Hoaxes : A number of hoaxes in literature.


* The Lewis Carroll Home Page : Information about Lewis Carroll, and an online version of Alice in Wonderland.
* The Complete Works of William Shakespeare : Everything that that English Bard ever wrote on-line!


* Festival of Light Classical Music : Free MP3 of a number of great works of classical music.
* MP3 Classical Music Files : Free MP3 files of some great works of classical music.
* Classical Music Archives : Archive of MP3s of classical music along with some history and background.


* Acses : A site the compares book prices for sale on the internet.

Science Fiction Magazine

* Ibn Qirtaiba : Magazine of the SF SIG of Australian Mensa
* The Tardis Project : Tardis is a limited-access UNIX service hosted by the University of Edinburgh.
* Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy : An online science fiction (and fantasy) magazine
* Pure Fiction : An interesting collection of fictional stories

Computer Hardware


* WROX Press Developer's Reference : Programming books written by professionals. A good source for computer books.
* Web Developer's Library : A number of O'Reilly's web related books online.
* Untethered - 06/09/97 : A very well written article about the future of untethered (handheld, laptop, portable, etc...) computing.
* Book Pool : Discount bookstore for technical books and computer books, with high discounts and low prices.
* UTC : A very high quality and complete bookstore for computer books. Also known as BibloTek.
* MCP Personal Bookshelf : Online bookshelf of many of MCP's computer books.
* Collection of IRIX Documentation : Online documents on IRIX operating systems and MIPS hardware.


* Standards Project Descriptions : Standards for Ethernet and networking.
* Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 : Rather offical specifications of Ethernet.
* Internetworking Technology Overview : Lots of information about network type and protocal specifications
* Ethernet--CRC Specification : Information about Ethernet and the CRC for ethernet.


* Technische Info : Technical information about the PC architecture.
* Digital Cameras on Fujitsu chipset : Information about transfer protocals of digital cameras.
* Deep Space Technology : Computer hardware site selling used hardware including SUNs, NeXTs, Macs, and PCs.
* Moser Electronics Company : Computer hardware site selling exotic/used hardware including SGIs and SUNs.
* E.L.I. : Yet another computer sales company for Sun, Dec, and PC equipment.
* Complete Computer Solutions, Inc. : A computer sales company with often good prices on used equipment.
* Memoryx : Source for lots of memory for a variety of different and strange computers, including Suns and SGIs.
* Minicomputer Exchange Inc. : Another company that sells Sun and SGI computer equipment.
* Wearables Central : Archive of information about wearable computers


* LDAPS: Data Aquisition : Information about data aquisition from LEGOs.
* LEGO DACTA School Information Control : Information about interfacing LEGOs and computers.


* Fringe's Laptop Info : Information about how to buy a laptop computer.


* Motorola's Microcontroller Pages : Information on Motorola's complete line of microcontrollers.
* 68HC11 Cross-Assemblers : Information on cross assemblers for the 68HC11


* Intel Ships 20 Gflops Teraflops Installment to Sandia : A press release concerning a rather powerful machine.


* Itsy Pocket Computing Project : Itsy is a low-power, high-performance handheld computer developed by Digital.
* Pilot Screwdriver : An Internet File Converter for the PalmPilot


* Center for Quantum Computing : Information about the whats and hows of quantum computing.


* Ganymede Systems and Technology : A reseller of used SUN hardware.
* MicroWarehouse, Inc : A good, inexpensive on-line computer store, with $3.00 overnight shipping!
* OnSale : Live, online auction of computer equipment.
* Corporate Systems Center : Another on-line store...
* Insight : A decent mail order company, with a good web site.
* Xxera's PC Hardware Store : Appears to be a good company with good prices!
* www.32bit.com : A computer superstore with rather good prices.


* SGI IRIX Documentation : Online documentation for lots of SGI hardware and software.
* Keyboard, Mouse, and Video Pinouts : A web page with keyboard, mouse, and video pins outs for PC, MAC, Sun, and SGI from NTI.
* Ebay : Online auction site where everyone can both bid and sell!
* Free On-line Dictionary of Computing : FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, ..., history, in fact anything to do with computing.
* CNET Shopper.com : The awesomely useful guide to where to buy computer products. Covers thousands of products with millions of prices. Much better than NetBuyer!
* The PDP-11 Emulator : Have you ever wanted to expereince the joys of owning a PDP-11? The machine that UNIX was written on!? Ever want to run UNIX on a Windows95 machine without reformating? well now you can!
* Online Drive Definition Database : A resource for specs on a wide variety of hard-drives, including very old ones.
* General Processor Information : Information, specifications, and benchmarks on many different processors.
* Acronym Web Site : An complete computers and electronics acronymn web site.
* Informations about MPEG Audio Layer-3 : This text is organized as a kind of Mini-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It covers several topics.


* User Friendly : An excellent comic strip along the style of Dilbert.
* Robotman And Monty : A somewhat stupid, yet still funny comic that might appeal to geeks.
* Over the Hedge : An interesting comic about a racoon and a turtle.
* Our Daily Bread : Daily devotional.
* The Dilbert Zone : Make sure to get your daily dose of Dilbert!
* Weird Fact of the Day : Something to make you think ever day.
* Astronomy Picture of the Day : Neat daily pictures of the galaxy in which we live!
* Slashdot.org : An alternative news site with
* CNN Interactive : Online newspaper / news agency.

Electrical Engineering

* Semiconductor Resource Page : Web page with links to semiconductor companies and data sheets.
* Glubco High Power Weaponry Division : A site with a number interesting results of bored electrical engineers.
* Universal Infrared Receiver : Information on building a universal infrared reciever that can interface with a computer.
* Welcome to Karl Lunt's Home Page : Information about microcontrollers and the like.


* Remote : A remote control program for HP48 calculators.
* Handhelp HP Products : Different HP handheld products.
* HP95LX FTP Archives : HP-LX software archives. Software for all LX models.

Humor and Funny Stuff

* The Geek Code Decoder Page : A web page that will allow you to enter a geek code, and it will decode it for you.
* The CAT User's Manual : How to take care of your cat...
* Macintosh OS 8 : Always wanted to run Mac OS? Go to this link! :)


* Our Daily Bread, February 18, 1997 : A good devotion that involves computers.


* Common Linux Alpha problems : Information on some common problem with Linux and Alpha hardware.
* Linux VAX Port Homepage : The home page for the porting of Linux to VAX machines.
* Linux/m68k for Macintosh Project : The home page for the porting of Linux to m68k based Macintoshs.
* Linux/Alpha FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions for Alpha hardware and Linux.
* Linux Laptop Homepage : Extensive information about running Linux on laptops.
* BTTV : A Linux driver for Bt848 based frame grabbers.
* The Incredible TurboTortoise. : A linux system, small enough to fit in a pocket.
* Linux/Microcontroller Home Page : Information about running Linux on embedded systems, including PalmPilots!

Internet Related

* Virtually Static IP : An interesting attempt at providing a virtually static IP via a few interesting DNS trips.
* Pine Information Center : Information about Pine, a great email reader for UNIX and MSWindows
* Linux IP Masquerade Resource : Resources for Linux masq for hiding a network behind a single IP address.
* The Spam Bouncer : A email spam bouncer for the procmail email filter.
* SSH (Secure Shell) Remote Login Program : A program that allows you to create encrypted connections across the Internet, for telnet or other services.
* The Diald Home Page : A program for dialing on demand with a dial-up internet links.
* Linux IP Masquerade mini HOWTO : A howto on Linux masq for hiding a network behind a single IP address.
* Apache HTTP Server Project : A very nice, free web server for UNIX platforms, including Linux.


* Linux VAX Port Homepage : Port of Linux to the VAX platform
* Memory Savers : Ways of saving memory in Linux.
* Bleeding Edge Linux : Description of the Bleeding Edge of Linux Kernels
* Linux v2 Information HQ : A good source of information on the Linux 2.x kernels.


* Xtraceroute : Xtraceroute is a graphical version of the traceroute program, which traces the route your IP packets travel to their destination.
* Saint : Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool, the next-generation version of SATAN.
* MTR : mtr combines the functionaly of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool.
* RadioLAN : A company that builds wireless computer connectivity products.
* The Internet Operating System Counter : A page with counts of operating systems on the net, and an OS sniffer.
* QueSO : A little program that can determine the OS of a machine on the Internet by how it responds to an invalid TCP packet.

Parallel Processing

* The PAPERS Project Home Page : An interesting way of making a supercomputer out of Linux boxes.
* Parallel Processing using Linux : Information about using Linux and multiple processors.


* The Perl Language Home Page : The home page of an excellent interpreted language.


* Linux Advocacy Guidelines : How to support Linux in the real world!
* Andrew's (barebones) guide to terminals and keymappings : A reference for terminals and keymappings.
* The Linux Internet Server Administration Guide : A web site for a book in development about setting up a Internet server using Linux.
* Universal Desktop Box (UDB) : Lots of information about the Alpha UDB.


* Netcraft - Web Server Survey : A page that will return the type of web server being used on different sites.
* Sunsite Linux Incoming Directory : A listing of all the LSMs of files in the /pub/Linux/incoming directory in table format.
* The Linux Speaker's Bureau : A listing of people who are offering to give Linux talks to user groups and the such.
* USAIL : Unix system administration independent learning.
* Linux NOW : A good collection of general Linux resources.
* RedHat Linux User's FAQ : A growing resources of answers to questions about RedHat Linux.
* Linux: A -REAL- O/S : Linux information, includes detailed information on how to setup a machine for masquerading.
* M.H.'s Linux Links : A nice collection of Linux information/links.
* Linux Programming : A very large resource of information about programming on Linux.
* Everything Linux : Lots of Linux information.
* Unix SysAdm Resources : Extensive Unix system administration resources, including software and FAQs.
* An As-Yet-Unnamed OCR Project : This is the home page for a project that aims to produce an open-source OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application for Unix platforms.
* C-Scene : C-Scene is a free online magazine devoted to C and C++ programming.
* Linux and UNIX Resources : A good catagorized list of resources.
* Rootshell : A web site of security exploits, so one may be aware of the dangers. Not a cracker's site!
* Replacing Windows NT Server with Linux : An excellent disscussion on replacing NT with Linux.
* UK.LINUX.ORG : Linux information site.
* Intro to Linux Talk : Notes from a talk about this subject.
* Word Processor Filters : Extensive information about converting between different word processing formats.
* Troubleshooting and Repairing a Linux System : Some useful information when your Linux system does what it should not.
* Linux/Alpha Home Page : About running Linux on 64bit RISC processors known as the Alpha chip.
* Crash-Me : A database of stats and features of different databases, allowing side by side comparisions.
* The MIT Wearable Computing Web Page : Information about some people at MIT developing computers that you wear. And of course, they run Linux.
* Linux Firewall and Security Site : Information about security and firewall issues with Linux.
* Beowulf Project at CESDIS : Parallel computing with simple PCs (running Linux of course).
* ERAU Linux Site : A good site with Linux resources and documentation.
* The Cathedral and the Bazaar : An interesting paper on free software.
* Data Structures and Algorithms : A good disscussion of computer programming.
* Programming Languages : A number of links for a number of different programming languages.
* Linux Documentation Project (LDP) Homepage : The main site for Linux documenation


* Security Code Review Guidelines : This document is dual purposed; first it is a guideline and checklist for security groups performing the code review; second, it is an attempt to provide development teams with information about what we look for in a review.
* Vulnerabilities in bash : Another security problem with Linux software.
* Linux Security WWW : Information about security concerns for Linux.
* CIAC Bulletins : Computer/Internet security warnings.
* Linux Vulnerabilities in mount and umount Programs : A security alert about Linux software.


* Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) : The Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) is a suite of graphical software specification editors.
* Linuxmanship : How to sell Linux.
* GLUT : OpenGL Utility Toolkit, a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs.
* XCircuit : Schemtic drawing program, espcially good for circuits.
* DDD - Data Display Debugger : A popular graphical user interface for command-line debuggers with many neat features!
* angela! : angela! is an acronym. angela! is a natural graph editor with layouting algorithms!
* Descent/Linux Hackers : An attempt to port Descent to Linux.
* SANE Home Page : Scanner access software for Linux.
* Esim -- Electronic Simulator : A very promsing looking electronics simulator that is currently under development.
* Linux Spreadsheets : Spreadsheet programs written for Linux.
* IPE : Extendible drawing editor for Linux.
* Amanda : A powerful and interesting backup program.
* SANTIS Homepage : A DSP/Digital signal processing program for Linux.
* Linux Applications and Utilities Page : A nice, organized list of Apps and Utils for Linux.
* Welcome to DIPC! : DIPC stands for Distributed Inter-Process Communication. It enables you to build and program multi-computers very easily.
* Virtual Network Computing : It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures.
* RPM HowTo : Step by step instructions for making RPMs.
* Freedom*Of*Choice*CAD : A u t o CAD like Computer Aided Design tool for UNIX and Linux.
* Xrun : A neat little program for Xwindows that allow to quickly run a command.
* NNFS (Non-Networked File System) : NNFS provide a consistent file system over several non networked UNIX computers (or slow networked).
* Moonlight Creator : Moonlight Creator is a highly portable environment dedicated to virtual creation.
* Mentalix : Mentalix provides the Pixel!FX family of integrated imaging and scanning products for UNIX platforms.
* Enlightenment : One of the most impressive windows managers for XWindows I have ever seen. (US Mirror: http://www.deepsky.com/~e/)
* Window Managers : A source of information on a number of X-Windows Window Managers.
* Ical : A good daytimer or scheduler program for Linux.
* GNU Image Manipulation Program : A photoshop like program for Linux.
* GQmpeg : A nice front end for mpg123.
* Libero : Libero is a Programmer's Tool and Code Generator. You define the high-level logic of a problem as a diagram: Libero generates the code to implement this logic.
* Linux Hamradio Applications and Utilities Homepage : Applications and utilities for using hamradio under Linux.
* PostgreSQL : PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational DBMS, supporting almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is the most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
* Larry Zimmerman's Postgres Page : Information about one person's attempt to get PosgreSQL running on Linux/Alpha.
* Netscape: Archived Products : Old versions of Netscape's browsers.
* Mentalix : Providers of software solutions for using UMAX scanners under UNIX.
* Kibble : A knowledge base program. It is used to organize seemingly discursive thoughts into a cohesive engine.
* Pavuk : Pavuk is UNIX program used to mirror contents of WWW documents or files. It transfers documents from HTTP , FTP , Gopher and HTTPS (SSL) servers.
* Linux Spreadsheets : Information about spreadsheets for Linux.
* Xfinans Homepage : A decent personal finance program for X11.
* GNU Libc 2 For Linux : Information about using the GNU Libc on Linux machines.
* Yard : A set of perl scripts that helps in the creation of rescue disk for Linux.
* Crystal Space : A free, 3D game engine for Linux.
* The Wine project : An effort to allow MS Windows programs to run under UN*X operating systems.
* The Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ : An effort to allow MS Windows programs to run under UN*X operating systems.
* The Unofficial Xwpe Homepage : A programming interface simular to Borland's Turbo C++ or Turbo Pascal.
* Wipe : Wipe is a little command for securely erasing files from magnetic media.
* Linux Quake Page : Information about runnng one of the most awsome games on the most awsome operating system. Quake on Linux, what could be better?
* Chklogs : A perl script that can make unix log files much easier to manage.
* SW Technology : A company that provides many different UN*X and Window solutions, also sells laptops with Linux preloaded.
* SpimSAL : A MIPS emulator that allows one to run MIPS assembly code (SAL, MAL, TAL) under UN*X or Windows.
* Linux Software for Scientists and Curious Layfolk : A listing of Linux software for those scientific type.
* Linuxconf : An administration and configuration tool for Linux systems
* Linux Archive Search : A very nice way to search the Linux file archives on the net.
* LessTif : An in progress, free clone for Motif Widgets.
* LEO Software Archives : A collection of UNIX related software.
* Ruplist - a better ruptime? : A program for getting the uptime message from multiple Linux boxes.
* Amulet Project Home Page : A GUI toolkit for programming for Unix, Mac, and Windows 95/NT
* The GUI Toolkit/Framework Page : A web page listing the numerous GUI toolkits that are aviable for X-Windows.
* FLTK Home Page : A C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX® (X Window System) and Microsoft® Windows® (NT 4.0, 95, and 98). FLTK provides a complete set of GUI widgets and supports OpenGL.
* Mnemonic : A new, free web browser for Linux.


* LaTeX2HTML Sources : The source code to a LaTeX to HTML converter.
* Lyx Developer's Home Page : A page with Lyx information for those hardy souls that develop Lyx.
* Lyx, The LaTeX Wordprocessor : Another page with information about Lyx.
* LyX the X11 Word/Text-Processor : Information about Lyx, including development information.
* MathSpad : A WYSIWYG Equation Editor for LaTex.
* The LyX Homepage : The homepage for the WYSIWYM editor for LaTex
* LyX, the word-processor front-end for LaTeX : Information about the WYSIWYM editor for LaTex.


* TerraServer : A web site that lets you view satellite photos of different parts of the world.
* Shuttle Mission STS-81 Postflight Pictures : A number of nice, high-resolution pictures of the shuttle and MIR.
* Aircraft Situation Display : A web interface to the radar maps of the United States showing the current locations of airplanes. Given a flight number, one can located that plane's position in the US, and ETA.
* Project Galileo Homepage : Information about the Galileo mission to Jupiter and pictures taken by Galileo of Jupiter.
* Atlantis blasts off for Mir rendezvous : A CNN article that has a link to good QuickTime Movie of a shuttle launch.


* Pilot Charger : Circuit schematics on how to modify the PalmPilot's cradle to make it a battery recharger.
* GNU Pilot SDK Links : Files and links that help in use of the GNU Pilot Software Development Kit.
* Pilot Gear HQ : A website with lots of information about Palm Pilots and software for them.


* The Weather Channel - Longview, TX : Current weather and forecast for Longview, TX.
* Web Weather : Another source for weather information.
* The Weather Channel : A good source for weather information, run by the same people as the Weather Channel on TV.

Windows NT

Backup Software

* Seagate Software : The software division homepage of Seagate.
* Nova Stor : Makers of backup software for controlling tape drives under Windows NT/95

Computer Animation

* Rhino : A 3D mesh NURBS modeler for Microsoft Windows.
* 1-Degree USGS Digital Elevation Models : A place where meshes of the US landforms can be gotten. Basically TOPO maps in mesh form.
* Mesh of the Month : A page where each month a different 3D mesh of model can be downloaded in 3D Studio format.

General Software

* Windows95.com : The premier site for Windows 95 software!
* Windows 95 Software Archive : A rather comprehensive source of software for Windows 95.
* UMAX : Maker of a line of excellent, but inexpensive flat bed scanners.
* TriPlus Technologies : This company offers an piece of software that allows one to have virtual screens under Windows 95/NT 4.0.
* Slope Field Calculations Using MathCAD : Hope to get MathCAD to plot slope fields of differiental equations.
* RimArts Software Laboratory : Makers of a very powerful and flexible text editor for Microsoft Windows, known as Dana.

Internet Software

* The SimpTerm Home Page : A very nice, small, free telnet or rlogin application for Windows.
* Superscape Homepage : High quality virtual reality for the web.
* Intergraph's AccessNFS Solutions : This page is about an excellent NFS server and client for Windows NT, as well as other software to interface NT with UNIX.

Unix to NT

* Virtually Un*x! : A page with links to many pieces of UNIX software ported to Windows NT.
* NuTCRACKER : Tools for porting UNIX programs to Windows NT.
* Heliocentric Universe : Information about Windows programming.
* UNIX to NT Resource Center : This Resource Center contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and a number of useful resources about how to port UNIX applications to Microsoft's Windows NT.
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